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The Louisiana French Heritage Preservation project is hosted by the History Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The event was first organized by Public History graduate students.

Our main objective is to perserve Louisiana's French-speaking heritage--Creole, Cajun, American Indian, African-American, and more. With your permission, we want to collect your stories and objects or documents pertaining to the revivial of the French speaking culture.

Using used a new application called Pixstori, which was developed by the University of New York in Buffalo, we can photograph your object and then record an audio interview with you! This recording plays when viewing the photo, allowing you to personally share your own history! Then, we will upload everything to this online repository for the public to look through.

If you want to share your object or stories but can not attend an event, you can still contribute through this site!

If you would like to know more, contact Dr. Thomas Cauvin at: cauvin@louisiana.edu or 337 482 6900. Visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Credit: University of Louisiana at Lafayette, History Department, Office of First Year Experience, Lafayette Public Library.

Those graduate students participated in the inaugural event: 

Allan Brambila, Hillary Brodowski, Michael Chouest, Mary Churay, Mollie DeMoor, Abigail Enicke, Lauren Feltner, Emily Girlinghouse, Kelsey Jagneaux, Karen JS McKinney, Matthew Myers, Marianna Piazza, Maegan A. Smith, Meghan Sylvester, Victoria Throop, and Ethan Young.

The term 'History Harvest' was coined by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of History, and their own project.