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Clothing / Sewing

C16 lace mantillas - gray.jpg

In the French heritage, commonly from early 1800s to the mid 1900s, sewing and creating clothing was an extremely popular practice for women.…

Vie de tous les jours- Everyday Life


Everyday life in French speaking Louisiana is like no other. The topics of the following section, combine all culture’s of French in Louisiana…

City Histories


While preserving the French Heritage of Louisiana, one must remember the historical cities that have been influenced by the French. Arnaudville and…



Technology is a category where we will describe objects that were inventive and made because of the advancement of science. One of the objects we…

Weapons and Military History


These weapons and military documents were collected at past history harvests. They are evidence that war has played a roll in Louisiana French…

Spiritual Life


A push-factor causing the Acadian's to migrate from Nova Scotia in 1755 was their commitment to the Roman Catholic Church…

History Harvest


A collection of objects with historical significance pertaining to Louisiana French Heritage.