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A collection of objects with historical significance pertaining to Louisiana French Heritage.

Items in the History Harvest Collection

"Threshing Rice"
Painting by Rose Spell of Wright, La

"School Bus"
Painted by Rose Spell from Wright, La

La Musique Unique des Acadiens<br /><br />
Les Amies Louisianaises
CD featuring the translations of songs into French
Features "Amazing Grace, Ma Louisianne" by Nancy Marcantel

Notre Language Louisianaise<br /><br />
Our Louisiana Language
Author Patrick Gelhany
Edited by Emile Marcantel

Les Cadiens d&#039;Asteur: Today&#039;s Cajuns
A photography book by Philip Gould, which started the movement to photograph Louisiana.

Cajun Music/ Dance Halls
Louisiana Cajun Dance Hall scarf 1987

Photographs Ville Platte
Framed photographs (3) of downtown Ville Platte

Zydeco Music Poster
Poster Clifton Chenier
Zydeco at Mulatte's Restaurant, Breaux Bridge

An interview with Charles Larroque, the director of CODOFIL


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