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This collection deals with the religious practices of Louisiana French-speaking Communities


A push-factor causing the Acadian's to migrate from Nova Scotia in 1755 was their commitment to the Roman Catholic Church (http://www.everyculture.com/North-America/Acadians-Religion-and-Expressive-Culture.html), they were exiled from their home for their faith. They found refuge in the territory that would soon be Louisiana.
The items in this collection represent the rich religious history of the Acadian's, items like Baptismal gowns, Baptismal Registers, Prie Dieux, Missal's and Rosary's all relate to people even today as Cajun French areas remain predominantly Catholic.


Sarah Gremillion
Noah Deshotels

Items in the Spiritual Life Collection

From Tears to Beads
Job’s tears are a type of seed that grows on a tall grass. As mentioned in the video file above, it naturally has a smooth, polished surface and a hole through it, which is a what makes it useful for different purposes. The plant's scientific name…

The Prayers of Acadia
A prie dieu (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prie-dieu) is a kneeling bench for saying prayers, primarily used in the Catholic religion. It looks like a chair with no arm rests, it has a back and a bench like bottom. It can be heavily decorated in many…

Hand Sewn Baptismal Outfit and Gown
The gown and baptismal outfit was sewn by Pearl Olivier from Lawtell, Louisiana for her daughter's baptism.

Handmade rosary created by contributor's grandmother.

Baptism dress
Infant baptism dress and slip. Was handmade by contributor's grandmother, who bought the material with money selling eggs.

Marriage Certificate - <br /><br />
Doise Veillon
Marriage Certificate dated December 22, 1924
Jefferson Davis Parish


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