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Technology is a category where we will describe objects that were inventive and made because of the advancement of science. One of the objects we researched was the viewfinder or the stereoscope. This was an object that was never seen before and worked because of the knowledge they had at the time of how the eyes interpret sensory input. It was created by Dr. Charles Wheatstone ( in 1838. Another object was the fuel valve for the rockets used by NASA. The valve allowed helium to pass into the fuel tank so that all the fuel would be consumed and not wasted. This is a more modern take on technology and is very advanced compared to the stereoscope. The last object that we obtained in the 2016 History Harvest was the old camera. This was a very old portable pocket sized camera and was a precursor for what is a very frequently used in modern culture. The category below is a collection of objects that were essential to the technologies we use today in Louisiana as well as nationwide.
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Seeing the World Through the Stereoscope
The Stereoscope ( is an object that allows a person to view a picture in a three dimensional perspective. It does this by placing two nearly identical pictures side by side, about…

NASA Fuel Valve
In 1958 president Dwight D. Eisenhower established the National Aeronautics and space Administration. He designed this association to operated by civilians rather than having the military run this new association.…

Cassettes from 101.5 WYNK FM
David Emile Marcantel was the co-owner of the broadcast from 1997 to 2000. The broadcast was only in French

Butter Maker
This is a butter maker that would attach to a mason jar.

Antique Bug Sprayer
An old bug-sprayer, with a cylindrical tank and a push lever. Shows signs of wear and tear, including rust.

Metal Drill (Number Two)
An antique metal hand-drill. Rusted, but wooden the handle is still reasonably smooth and free of pitting. Differs from the other drill in this online collection in shape, and in that it has a circular hand-cranked gear in its design. According to C.…

Antique Iron
An old iron, of the type used for pressing clothes. Its surface is coated with rust, but a label is still legible on the handle.

Metal Drill
An antique metal hand-drill. Rusted, but wooden the handle is still reasonably smooth and free of pitting.

Antique Lantern (some call it "railroad" lantern or "lampe tempête (storm lamp).
A glass lantern in a red metal frame. Frame shows signs of age and wear, particularly on the top and at the base. According to Facebook discussion "Fueled with kerosene, i.e. "coal oil". This style was rugged and used for outdoor work, because it was…


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