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Hunting and Fishing


Hunting and fishing is considered a major aspect of life in Louisiana and can be traced back to the arrival of the Acadians ( following their exile from Canada by the British in the 18th century. Many of these people were hunters and farmers preceding their expulsion from their home land. In our history, as well as today, several Louisianians have several tactics and items in order to make hunting and fishing more efficient. Hunting and fishing can be traced back to the arrival of the Acadians in the 18th century following their exile from Canada by the British. The people who reside here often take part in these activities for fun. Hunting and fishing historically has also been a main source of income and even a career for several that take part. The abundance of wildlife and fisheries in the state, give Louisana its motto of “Sportsman Paradise”.


Janisha Allen, Mayeaux Wright, Charlotte Wingate

Items in the Hunting and Fishing Collection

Tap 2 Trap
In the video Mr. Borel talks about a double spring trap and how the cajun people used it to benifit in there survival. In North America trading was pretty common between native American and other countries such as the French, British ,and Spanish.…

Down in the Swamp: Carved Duck Edition
Hunting has its roots in French heritage in North America stemming back to when the French were first starting to colonize Canada. A major trade of the Frenchmen in Canada was trapping and hunting in order to make a lucrative living. This tradition…

The Net Needle
As you can hear in the video, the object was used to make "dip nets" for the purpose of crawfishing. This needle was most likely hand carved out of some type of wood. The nets produced by the needle were most likely used for catching different types…

Mallard Drake and Hen
Crafted by Laurence "Pete" Guidry of Gueydan, La in 1975 and 1980
Made out of cypress

Photograph (Catch of the Day)
Lee Fontenot after a fishing trip where he holds two fish that he caught himself.

Louisiana Gar Fish Gig
The Gar Fish Gig (a type of spear) was used to “gig” a large garfish, which was used to make “Gar Fish” balls, a Cajun delicacy.


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