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There are three knives in total. All of them are handmade. The handles offer superior grip being made of cow bone. This is much like Acadian settlers would have used. The blades are made from high carbon steel that was originally on a tree band saw.…

For the Nunu’s history harvest in Arnaudville, Yvonne Olivier brought in a sword cane that belonged to one of her ancestors named Joseph Frozard. Mrs. Olivier talks about her cane in the video above.
There where multiple Joseph Frozards in her…

The civil war began in 1861 between the United States and other confederate states. It began when the confederate army captured Fort Sumter. The states involved in the war…

Projectile Points, commonly known as Arrow Heads.
Found in the Plaissance area of Louisiana

A black and white photograph of a group of Sailors enjoying a meal as a waiter tends to them.