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Albaud Arnaud.mp4
The video is of Ablaut Arnaud, a direct descendant of the Brothers Arnaud who founded Arnaudville. The provider of the picture told the story of how Ablaut met his future wife when she was a baby. Later when Ablaut was 22 and his wife was 14, they…

History of Arnaudville.mp4
The two objects in the recording above are both the same book which is named One Hundred Years of the Upper Teche. The book on the left is the typed up and bounded manuscript of the published book on the right. The manuscript was the original copy…

When considering the presence of the French in Louisiana, one must remember that the French had been there since 1682 when Robert Cavalier de La Salle claimed the vast territory that stretched from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico for France, which…

A book written by Mario Mamalakis that documents the buildings in Acadiana and their history.

History of the family name. Ancestors founded Breaux Bridge. They came from the Acadia region of Canada.