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The photograph seen is of my grandfather, Kelton Ardoin, and I, Dinah Doucet. It was taken in his mother, my great grandmother's home. We frequently visited her and my great-grandfather's home when I was young so my Maw Maw and I could bake. While…

The lamp was from her mom, who is Cajun, and is over 75 years old. It was used before electricity.

In 1417, Mayor of London gave an order for citizens to put lights on the streets on the winter nights and Paris had a law since 1524 that all the…

As discussed in the video, “Passe Partout”, as the saws were called by the Acadians, translates to “master key” in English. When the Acadians first arrived in the late 1800s, they did not have many tools so the passe partout became…

Coffee Grinder Video.mp4
As seen in the video this 1950's coffee grinder works by putting the beans in the top opening of the grinder and turning the crank. On the interior of the grinder there are little sharp gears that spin when turning the crank and in turn the…

Used by Mrs. J. B. Dronet of Erath, La
Possibly made by her husband before the 1960s

From Lake Arthur, Louisiana
Used up until the mid-20th century to stuff sausage or it could be used as a funnel

The fork was a gift from the Arnaud house in Jausier, France

A recipe from the contributor's great grandmother for succotash.

Cajan Jamboree Record featuring Joe Bonsall and The Orange Playboys. Produced by Swallow Records and 'Cajun Jamboree Records'. The album is double sided and includes 12 songs