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Top Left: Doriice Cote (Assistant to Dept. of Education)
Middle Left: Dorice Cote, Joyce Menard (Secretary), Elaine Clement (outreach), and Gail Bourda (Accountant)
Bottom Left: Dorice Cote, Gail Bourda, Caroline Helm, Elaine Clement
Middle Top:…

Edited by: Francoise Paradis, Ed.D.
Narration by: Mar Kircher, Francoise Paradis
Illustrations by: Cory Boissonneault, Josh Brown, Ben DuDevoir, John Goerce, Nathan Green, Lyssa Griguware, Mary Kircher, Simon Ouch

Festival Program for Fete Festival in Grand Pré from July 31-August 15, 2004 in partnership with the Congres Mondial Acadien

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A Cajun Dream is part of a romance book series written by Cherie Claire, the name under which Chere Coen publishes her novels.

An address given by President Joel L. Fletcher of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) to the Cambridge Historical Society in October 1947.

Special Program for the 2004 Congres Mondial Acadien held in Nova Scotia

The article in The Advertiser reports on Louisiana citizens who traveled to Nova Scotia for the 2004 Congres Mondial Acadien.

A photography book by Philip Gould, which started the movement to photograph Louisiana.

A book written by Mario Mamalakis that documents the buildings in Acadiana and their history.

The gown and baptismal outfit was sewn by Pearl Olivier from Lawtell, Louisiana for her daughter's baptism.