Turning the Page of the History of Arnaudville

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Turning the Page of the History of Arnaudville



The two objects in the recording above are both the same book which is named One Hundred Years of the Upper Teche. The book on the left is the typed up and bounded manuscript of the published book on the right. The manuscript was the original copy that was given to the local rectory priest to make any corrections that were necessary. The book thoroughly explains how Arnaudville (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnaudville,_Louisiana) was established and describes all the key attributes that contributed to the history of the town. The owner of this book explains that she encountered this treasure while she was looking through boxes during a cleanup at their town rectory. The book was solely published for the bicentennial of Arnaudville, Louisiana in 1976.

The small town of Arnaudville, Louisiana is a culturally rich landmark that gives tourists a true view of Louisiana’s heritage. Not only do the people of the community take a stand to preserve Louisiana’s exquisite culture, but the town structure displays a beautiful scenery of historical background. From wide open crop fields on the backroads to small cafés in the heart of the town, Arnaudville will make anyone feel as if they are home. Almost two centuries ago, the small town on the edge of the Bayou Teche was named La Jonction. As stated by acadianhomeinspect.com, “La Jonction because the town is in the junction of Bayou Fuselier and Bayou Teche. However in the 19th century, it was again changed to honor the Arnaud Brothers who donated a large land in order to build a church for the white and black”.(http://acadianahomeinspect.com/arnaudville-louisiana-a-town-in-between-bayous/) The town may seem small, but it holds a lengthy historical background.

Not only does the town hold a strong historical background, but it also has deep roots to Louisiana’s French heritage. The Arnauds who were from France were some of the first descendants to Arnaudville which is where the name of the town originates from. Throughout Arnaudville, you can find many places that are helping to protect Louisiana’s slowly dissipating French culture. NUNU Arts and Culture Collective is an example of a popular little “hole in the wall” place in Arnaudville where many French speakers spend time preserving their heritage. As described by acadianahomeinspect.com, “In fact, almost 40 percent of the population of the town speaks Cajun French. It is also one of the Louisiana towns that preserve the Cajun culture.”(http://acadianahomeinspect.com/arnaudville-louisiana-a-town-in-between-bayous/) Arnaudville, Louisiana is a wonderful landmark of Louisiana’s true southern French heritage.

The image above is a bridge that crosses the Bayou Teche. The Bayou Teche is a major landmark that flows directly on the side of Arnaudville, Louisiana.

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Kimberley Legnon







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