A French Love Story in Louisiana


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A French Love Story in Louisiana


The video is of Ablaut Arnaud, a direct descendant of the Brothers Arnaud who founded Arnaudville. The provider of the picture told the story of how Ablaut met his future wife when she was a baby. Later when Ablaut was 22 and his wife was 14, they wed and proceeded to have 13 children. The provider’s father was one of those children and passed this photo and story down for his family to remember.

By the 19th century (February 17, 1870), the town was named after the Brothers Arnaud (http://www.gladysdevilliers.acadian-home.org/Arnaudville-Louisiana.html), who had donated a large amount of land to the town to make a Church for whites and blacks (which still exists today). The Arnauds were the family in which the town got its final name from, many of whose descendants still live in the area. But the French had settled the town in the late 18th century.

Arnaudville (http://www.gladysdevilliers.acadian-home.org/Arnaudville-Louisiana.html) rests on the border of St. Landry and St. Martin parishes, near the intersection of interstates 10 and 49, and just north of Lafayette, which is in the belly of Acadiana. Arnaudville is tiny and one of the oldest towns in Louisiana and nearly four in 10 people here speak Cajun French at home.


Marquis M. Spearman





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