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Record of Clifton Chenier, wherein he sings in French. Contributor used to listen to Chenier when he was a child.


Document of a typed poem in French

Painted by Rose Spell from Wright, La

Painting by Rose Spell of Wright, La

The photograph seen is of my grandfather, Kelton Ardoin, and I, Dinah Doucet. It was taken in his mother, my great grandmother's home. We frequently visited her and my great-grandfather's home when I was young so my Maw Maw and I could bake. While…

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A Cajun Dream is part of a romance book series written by Cherie Claire, the name under which Chere Coen publishes her novels.

Albaud Arnaud.mp4
The video is of Ablaut Arnaud, a direct descendant of the Brothers Arnaud who founded Arnaudville. The provider of the picture told the story of how Ablaut met his future wife when she was a baby. Later when Ablaut was 22 and his wife was 14, they…

There are three knives in total. All of them are handmade. The handles offer superior grip being made of cow bone. This is much like Acadian settlers would have used. The blades are made from high carbon steel that was originally on a tree band saw.…