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There are still many French speakers in Louisiana today, mostly in parishes from the South-West. Cajuns, Creoles, and some Native American tribes (Houma Nation for instance) contribute to the variety of Louisiana French. However, the number of French-speakers has regularly decreased in the 20th century. In order to preserve Louisiana French Heritage, history students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have organized a unique community project.

Through History Harvests, we invite members of the local communities to bring objects, photographs, and other items to document Louisiana French Heritage. You can see examples in our collection.

To collect and store the objects in the website, students used PixStori, an application available on iPhones. The application allows the user to take a photo, give it a title, and add a recording or a text caption.  Students used the application by taking a photo of the object and recording an interview with the owner of the object brought to the history harvest. The interviews were then compiled together and put up on the website. 


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